Spawn this file missing in 2.0

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Fri May 29 17:15:44 UTC 1998

I just noticed that "spawn this file" is missing from the FileList menu of
2.0.  The below change seems to bring it back:

'From Squeak 2.0 of May 22, 1998 on 29 May 1998 at 1:14:37 pm'!

!FileList methodsFor: 'file list menu' stamp: 'mjg 5/29/1998 13:14'!
fileSelectedMenu: aMenu

	^ aMenu
file into new change set
browse changes
spawn this file
copy name to clipboard
open image in a window
read image into GIFImports
play midi file
sort by name
sort by size
sort by date
add new file
broadcast as update'
		lines: # (5 7 8 11)
		selections: #(fileInSelection fileIntoNewChangeSet
browseChanges editFile copyName
openImageInWindow importImage playMidiFile sortByName sortBySize sortByDate
renameFile deleteFile addNewFile putUpdate)
! !

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