2.0Beta for Unices

Jörg Rade jr at petz.han.de
Sun May 24 11:59:58 UTC 1998

Hi all,

Ian Piumarta has made available his port of 2.0Beta for Unix. There
are binaries for 4 platforms (Linux, Solaris, SunOS, OSF) and - of
course - the C-source. Take a look at:


The FTP-Server supports auto-compress and auto-tar such that one may
e.g. request ftp://alix.inria.fr/pub/squeak/unix/2.0Beta/image.tar.gz
to retrieve a file with the contents of the image subdirectory. (A
note of caution: this does not work with 'wget -c').

grtnx -j|g 
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