Squeak for UnixWare

Ian Piumarta piumarta at prof.inria.fr
Fri May 29 14:23:32 UTC 1998

> During linking an error occurred: some references could not be resolved:
> .XShmDetach
> Is it possible that I need X11 Release 6

Either that, or I need to add something that allows XSHM to be disabled
from the compile command.  Yes, that's the solution -- I'll add a
test for NO_XSHM (along with the current test for HP-UX that also
disables shared memory ;) and then you just need to add -DNO_XSHM to

Look near the beginning od sqXWindow.c and you'll see where you need to

	#ifdef HPUX
	#if defined(HPUX) || defined(NO_XSHM)

(or somesuch).  Bye,


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