squeak 2.0

Maloney johnm at wdi.disney.com
Wed May 20 15:45:03 UTC 1998

>Sorry about this.  The message below was supposed to go to the sender,
>not the mailing list.  I really need to remember to check those
>headers before sending.
>I wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It looks like this email got sent to me directly somehow or
>Oh well, since I've wasted bandwidth alreadyy, I may as well try to
>tack on useful information as well.
>I tried running the 1.31 VM on the 2.0 image and got another segfault,
>so it appears to me that either the image got mangled ad download time
>or my binhex converter doesn't work.
>Binhex and StuffIt aren't too common outside of the Macintosh world.
>It would be nice if somebody with access to the required software
>could repackage the distribution as a tar.gz or even a .zip file.

I think you can find all the source files uncompressed at:


Thanks to Stephen Pope for making them available.

	-- John

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