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Wed Oct 7 10:57:55 UTC 1998


> > 1. Is there a way (in that case, excuse my ignorance) or would it not
> > be great if there was a way to use Squeak as a script language for
> > scripting purposes like Python & Perl are used today?
> I have been thinking about that too.
> In fact the only thing needed would be an additional command line
> argument to
> load either Smalltalk source code or maybe even byte code.

You can do that. The first argument *after* the image name is interpreted
as a Smalltalk source file and will be executed on startup. More arguments
can be passed in and are accessed via SystemDictionary>>getSystemAttribute:
returning the following strings:

0 - Virtual Machine name
1 - Image name
2 - Script file name
3 ... n - additional arguments


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