Subsumption Architectures in Squeak

Jerome Garcia Jerome.Garcia at
Tue Oct 27 22:31:05 UTC 1998

     I strongly agree with the importance of this benefit. In my current 
     work at Watkins-Johnson on semiconductor processing equipment software 
     based on ControlWORKS, one of the major causes of thrashing has been 
     the existence of some components which do not provide for adequate 
     hardware simulation during development and debugging. Work on those 
     modules that do provide support has been greatly aided by close to 
     transparent simulation of I/O ports and hardware with the only changes 
     necessary to switch between simulation and real world being a couple 
     of changes to a configuration file. Actually, I would like it to go 
     furthur and allow for switching in and out of simulation individual 
     components on the fly to enable confidence testing prior to actual 
     hardware action. As far as I know, ControlWORKS does not provide this 
     I really hope that such transparency is the result of your effort.
     Jerome E. Garcia
     jegarcia at

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Subject: Re: Subsumption Architectures in Squeak
Author:  Dave Astels <astels at> at INTERNET
Date:    10/27/98 10:02 PM

Sam Adams wrote:
> Dave Astels wrote:
> <<
> <snip>
> I've started a project to build a version of Rod Brooks Behaviour language 
> I would also like to know more your subsumption interests and efforts.
I've started writing up an overview.  Expect it in a couple of days.
> Sounds like you're more aimed at embedded control, but a software 
> environment to test your subsumption designs could be useful, too.
The benefit of a VM is that you could work in an entirely software environment 
with simulated hardware.  You could tie into that by subclassing the VM and 
providing implementation for I/O ports.  The hardware simulation could be 
from numeric oriented dialogs to full 3D, realtime visualizaton.
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