Squeaking the web....and security issues...and BeOS stuff

Serg Koren skoren at ibm.net
Thu Oct 29 02:21:42 UTC 1998

Hi gang,
Well I just took a look at the link below and I must say it's very
However, it does bring up the possibility of nasty squeak viruses infecting
your machine.  Some thought should be given regarding a security mechanism
to limit or prevent such things if Squeak/web applets are to be produced.

Also, sorry for the long lapse in updates.  Unfortunately, I've been busy
with my real job and haven't had any real time to Squeak.  Therefore, I'm
going to upload  my BeOS Squeak project somewhere (assuming I can find a
site for it) and release it to anyone who wants to take it on.  Hopefully,
someone can get it done faster than I can (I'm going thru a Squeak and BeOS
learning curve...twice the work) and I'm not sure when work will give me a
breather to be able to finish this.


Serg Koren
VisualNewt Software, Makers of Newt'sPaper(tm):
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> > But as anActiveX object that can be enbedd in a web page.
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I recently came across a system called VNC (www.orl.co.uk/vnc).  This is a
client/server arrangement with a (very) thin client, which is a Java applet,
available under the GPL.

The protocol used is fairly simple; and it looks like it wouldn't be too
difficult to make Squeak a VNC server.  I don't know about the speed this
system would have, but since it is stateless, with all of the computing
done on the server, it would get around the problem of large image sizes
both Squeak as ActiveX and Squeak as a plug-in would have.

Any thoughts?


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