Subsumption Architectures in Squeak

Sam Adams ssadams at
Tue Oct 27 21:07:49 UTC 1998

Dave Astels wrote:
I've started a project to build a version of Rod Brooks Behaviour language
(tentatively called "Behave Yourself" :-) and a subsumption architecture VM in
Squeak (I had recently begun in VWNC).  I've switched to Squeak due to a) it's
openness, and b) the VM building support that is built in.  A Smalltalk
implementation of the Virtual Subsumpton Machine (VSM) was going to be a
central feature of the system, with a handcrafted C version developed for use
on embedded hardware.  Now, with the Squeak tools, the C version can be

I would also like to know more your subsumption interests and efforts.  I have
been following Brooks' work for years.  Recently I have been investigating the
possibility of  doing an Animats-like environment in Morphic for experimenting
with various kinds of critters.  Something like Michael Travers Animal
Construction Kit (Alife VI, p.421) with subsumption for higher level
functions.  Sounds like you're more aimed at embedded control, but a software
environment to test your subsumption designs could be useful, too.

[Duh, I just remembered that Travers' work was part of the Vivarium
project.....any thoughts Alan?]

<<And lastly, Squeak has the "fun" feel that Smalltalk-80 had.. that has
been lost in VW, VA, etc.>>

Couldn't agree more!

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