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Mark Wai mwai at
Thu Oct 22 02:25:40 UTC 1998

At 09:46 AM 10/22/98 +0800, Matthew McDonald wrote:

>I'm new to smalltalk and therefore don't know much about standard
>smalltalk debuggers, but doesn't ZStep have reversible execution (or
>some sort of simulation of it)?
>Can standard smalltalk debuggers (or the squeak debugger) do this?

I don't think Squeak debugger has this feature or something similar (I could
be wrong).  

VAST debugger provides a similar feature in that you can restart a selected
stack frame in your execution stack.  All the temporaries within the
selected method context are completely reset.  In other words, during
debugging, you can select an arbitrary point to restart (e.g. go back to a
frame that has been executed) and restart it with a 'clean' environment.
This is an extremely useful feature in my (and I guess to many) everyday work.  

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