Swiki PWS

L. M. Rappaport rapp at lmr.com
Thu Oct 29 21:46:08 UTC 1998

Having been inspired by the "Birds of a Feather" session at OOPSLA in
Vancouver, my associate and I decided to setup a swiki server at our
company to provide a place to discuss the experience.  

There is an addition to the instructions that might help others.  When
you click on the link for how to setup, it tells you to get the page
from Mark's site, then modify the path, then PWS initializeAll, and
then SwikiAction setUp:..  That's fine, but it doesn't start the
server!  We started it by PWS serveOnPort: 80 loggingTo: 'Squeak.log'.
Assuming that's correct (it does seem to work), that final, critical
step should be added to the instructions.
rapp at lmr.com

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