Getting Started with Squeak

Steve Dekorte steve at
Thu Oct 1 17:53:06 UTC 1998

"Alejandro F. Reimondo" <aleReimondo at> wrote:
> Another point to consider is the codeGeneration vs. objectGeneration topic.
> Most toolkits are only code generators. They produce raw source code.
> I think that the product to be obtained with an OO toolkit must be anObject.
> Tools like Parts for Smalltalk are very powerful, because they generate
>  real GUI Objects! 

Is this code generation being done to do interface layout or set up
connections between interface objects? If so, IMO, this is an example of
a failure to abstract these behaviors. The NeXTstep Interface Builder, for
example, could layout and set up connections without any code generation.
It could do this because of Objective-C's Smalltalk-like features.
(dynamic binding, weak typing, introspection, etc) Are there any Smalltalk
tools that work like this?


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