help needed attributing a quote

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Fri Oct 23 11:07:43 UTC 1998

Is this paper available on the web or in print anywhere?

Bob Jarvis
The Timken Company

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>Helge -
>>a friend of mine intends to use one of my favourite quotes for a paper:
>>"Programming with objects is like working with trained animals,
>> instead of pushing around data with a broom."
>>Since I was the one who mentioned it to him, my friend now demands a clear
>>attribution. 8-)
>"Beyond this I must add that programming in Smalltalk is fun.  On the one
>hand, the act of assembling expressions into statements and then into methods
>is not very different from conventional programming.  On the other hand, the
>experience is totally different, for the objects which populate and traverse
>the code are active entities, and writing expressions feels like organizing
>trained animals rather than pushing boxes around."
>The Smalltalk-76 Programming System
>Design and Implementation
>Daniel H. H. Ingalls
>Proceedings of ACM conf on Principles of Programming Languages
>Tucson, AZ, 1978
>I like your version a lot.  The broom is good.
>	- Dan

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