Corel NetWinder is good for Squeak

Craig Latta Craig.Latta at NetJam.ORG
Sat Oct 17 09:36:42 UTC 1998

	Tim Rowledge writes:

> Now that the ARMLinux/Itsy stuff is in the normal build files
> etc it took very little more than setting the include paths 
> properly and typing 'make' to get it working.

	In particular (I'm the one who typed 'make' ;), you need to #define IP_REG, SP_REG, and CB_REG for the StrongARM in sqGnu.h. I just defined them as nothing to get it running. What should they be if I want to build a Jitter VM?

	Oh, and to have sources for the NetWinder to compile in the first place, you have to get networking happening, since it doesn't come configured to use external media easily. :)


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