Software Visualization....

Alan Kay alank at
Tue Oct 20 17:19:39 UTC 1998

Check out Ron Baecker's stuff from the past (mostly done at the U of




At 5:16 PM -0000 10/20/98, Dwight Hughes wrote:
>I am looking for good papers and/or books on software visualization --
>especially as pertains to reversible debuggers (logically reversible -
>not thermodynamically reversible :-b), code animation, and data
>animation (and algorithm animation in general). I have started with some
>of Henry Lieberman's papers and would like to know what else might be
>out there, or if others here have experience with this. (Yes, this _is_
>about Squeak -- I want to create a new debugger for Squeak based on
>these techniques.)
>I would love to get some Smalltalk references, but Lisp, Prolog, or
>whatever are just fine.
>-- Dwight

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