prototypes vs classes was: Re: Sun's HotSpot

Laurence Rozier lrozier at
Fri Oct 16 21:33:43 UTC 1998

on the other hand not having classes frees one to create that which is really needed. class-like constructs will naturally occur but sometimes will have surpising differences the re

Dan Ingalls wrote:

> >> It takes less than a page of Squeak to establish a reasonable protocol-based
> >> dialect in Squeak (starting with prototypes, cloning, inst-specific behavior
> >> and no metclasses).
> >
> >And would this page of code make use of any classes?
> Of course, or at least Behaviors.  But no one using the dialect would be affected by this unless they wished to investiagate or take advantage of that aspect of the implementation.
> My experience is that it's about equally difficult to get the benefits of classes using prototypes as to get the benefits of prototypes with classes.  I'm interested in this topic because I think one can pretty much have the best of both worlds.
> I detect a bit of an attitude behind your question (since I'm sure you knew the answer) and it makes me curious about what your motivation is.
>         - Dan

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