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Steve Dekorte steve at
Fri Oct 9 19:25:23 UTC 1998

David Stes <stes at> wrote:

> > I've had the same experience and also refuse to do DO with languages that don't
> > support forwarding. Likewise, I wouldn't consider writing a visual programming
> > environment in a class based language.
> This happens to be a list about a class based language ! 

I like to think of Squeak as being more of a unitarian sort of project.

> > Both are situations where the inflexibility
> > of the language result in the developer either writing a language on top of a
> > language or realizing what a miserable hack that is and looking for a better 
> > language.
> The class system of Squeak can hardly be called a miserable hack ... 

I agree. I only said writing a visual programming environment on top of
it would be. Just as Java is not a miserable hack, but trying to do DO in 
it would result in one. Both are examples of where the developer runs into
the walls of the langauge. Of course you have to run much father to find 
the walls in Squeak/Smalltalk than in Java.


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