Prototypes, classes, blue, pink, etc.

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Tue Oct 13 17:22:14 UTC 1998


I would like to create an application which runs seamlessly across
multiple machines and platforms, but it's too hard because the
communication and coordination is a bitch.

Possible solution:
	Expand the "image" concept to encompass an
	entire "world".

Not having access to a Sun platform I've never run Self, but the
descriptions I've read make it sound like Self did something
like this, at least for the development "half" (the other half being
the deployment "half").

Basically I want collaboration with little pain and lots of gain.

Bob Jarvis
The Timken Company

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>I get excited about all kinds of different software technologies. At
>the same time I see the world in general spending a lot of effort on a
>narrow range of technologies: Java, CORBA, "enterprise beans", HTML,
>XML, and one or two others.
>I'd also like to see a discussion from another tack: what are the big
>problems that need solutions in various domains? e.g. "I would like to
>create a ___ but it's too hard because ___."
>What do we need Squeak for, and why is the current Squeak
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