cassiopeia e-11

Matthew McDonald mafm at
Thu Oct 22 02:14:44 UTC 1998

Is anybody using squeak on a cassiopeia e-10 or 11? If so, can they
advise on whether or not it makes a practical squeak platform?

I couldn't work out whether the comments about the usability of squeak
on the cassiopeia from the squeak-for-cassiopeia pages apply to the
A-model cassiopeias (which have a keyboard as well as a pen) or the
E-models (pen-only).

The E-11 looks like a neat piece of hardware, but most of the WinCE
software it includes in ROM doesn't seem to be much use unless your
main computer is also running some version of windows.

My hope is that I could more or less use squeak as an alternative
(more flexible) operating system for the thing and ignore the WinCE

The most complicated stuff I'm interested in doing is reading and
writing email, and some programming. Obviously, this would be easier
on a machine with a keyboard and a larger screen but would it be
_practical_ on the E-11?

Matthew McDonald <mafm at>

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