Thoughts for development from a lurker

Joerg Brunsmann Joerg.Brunsmann at
Wed Oct 7 15:45:22 UTC 1998

Kevin Fisher wrote:

> (Although using Qt really won't make the Open Source types very happy...still,

Who cares, anyway. How is jealousy spelled, by the way? If anyone of the
license freaks or political correctness people are reading: the Project
Harmony will give an alternate QT implementation with a different

> KDE is a wonderful environment!)

Well said ;-) Imagine KSqueak as a wrapper for the KDE UI API classes.
You then write in Smalltalk a new development environment; a great tool
for rapid prototyping. Having a debugged and running application I press
a button and my Squeak code is translated into C++ with a configure
script and the appropriate Makefile. 

Just dreaming, sorry...


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