Localizing up-arrow

Ralph E. Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Mon Oct 19 14:42:10 UTC 1998

At 9:03 PM 10/16/98, Sheldon Nicholl wrote:
>The examples also allow me to add to the list of troubles caused
>by non-local returns: "questionable" style.
>>stream atEnd ifTrue: [^self]
>Why not just say:
>    stream atEnd ifFalse: [...the rest of the method...]
>or maybe better:
>    stream atEnd ifFalse: [self doTheRest]
>I think I can answer this question: because it looks terrible.
>I'll admit I've used it countless times, but almost always with
>a twinge of conscience.

Please quit feeling guilty!  Using a return is definitely good style
here.  Kent Beck's book "Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns" explains

>I just want to plead that in case something like this is adopted, that
>it be done at the image level. It involves far too many operations, way
>too much intelligence for something that should be in the VM, which 
>should consist of simple clean primitives only. Unwinding is something
>that a programmer may want to modify, which is another argument for
>putting it in the image.

There are lots of exception packages that work at the image level.
The only thing that required a VM hack was getting ensure: to catch
returns. Andreas Raab's suggestion that blocks containing an ^ automatically
generate a cannotReturn: lets even that be in the image.  Exceptions are
faster if they are in the VM, but my guess is that they rarely need to
be fast.


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