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Wed Oct 7 14:20:01 UTC 1998

Hi again!

---Markus Kohler <markus_kohler at> wrote:
> Gvran Hultgren wrote:
> > 1. Is there a way (in that case, excuse my ignorance) or would it
> > be great if there was a way to use Squeak as a script language for
> > scripting purposes like Python & Perl are used today?

Obviously this was already possible, interesting, I will play around
with this.

A sidenote: when trying to find this out I looked around the doc-swiki
and even tried searching for  "headless" in Squeak, but found nothing.
Is there a place where I should have looked?
Somewhere the command line options of the VM should be described and
perhaps some notes about using Squeak as a scriptengine - yes, I know
- I will write a page about it myself under the doc-swiki instead of
whining! :-)

> > 2. Would it not be interesting to be able to develop fullblown
> > commercial GUI apps with Squeak?
> > 
> > This would certainly make Squeak my personal choice for "hobby
> > projects", but as it looks now, Squeaks UI is just not right for
> > Do not get me wrong here, I think Morphic looks truly cool, and I
> > certainly would like to stay within the Smalltalk paradigm as much
> > possible. I have heard about Cheese, but I have not seen it. I have
> > recently discovered wxWindows
> > ( and if it could be
> > done - a "wrap-up" of wxWindows from within Squeak - looks like it
> > would open up a lot of deployment possibilites. Do you think it
> > be doable/useful? As above, I would like to work within Squeak and
> > then, when it comes to deployment, choose to deploy using a
> > library for a specifik platform.
> As I said already sometime ago I would vote for a GTK or QT based
> Squeak. 

Hmmm, what about the MacOS? :-) It seems to me (without having looked
hands-on at the products mentioned) that wxWindows is a wrapper around
different toolkits making them "look alike" and could in the near
future include both Gtk and Qt. Are there technical reasons for going
straight at Qt or Gtk?

Otherwise it seemed to me that wxWindows would be a more "open"
solution with different choices available. Gtk seems limited since it
only (am I wrong?) supports XWindows. Qt is more cross plattform but
does not include Motif/MacOS/BeOS etc, and I do not know if they ever
plan to.

regards, G–ran

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