Path specification for Swiki server (was Re: Swiki PWS)

John Fletcher J.P.Fletcher at
Fri Oct 30 10:17:20 UTC 1998

I want to cross post this to PWS list as well (without helpint he 
title this time)

I have been trying to set up a Squeak 2.2 swiki, and the crucial 
problem for me is in the phrase:

 then modify the path

because I can't find the rules which explain whhow to describe my 
path. One example says

^ 'Home Plate:ETSqueak1.31b:Server:'

My location is c:\squeak_2.2\server in PC terms but everything I 
tried gave an error message.

Please will someone supply step by step instructions which do not 
assume knowledge of Squeak.  I will willingly offer to test them out 
and offer feedback.

I teach numerical methods and process control theory to undergraduate 
students.  I know how tricky it is with jargon I know, I forget I 
didn't know it!



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> Subject:       Swiki PWS
> Date:          Thu, 29 Oct 1998 21:46:08 GMT
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> Having been inspired by the "Birds of a Feather" session at OOPSLA in
> Vancouver, my associate and I decided to setup a swiki server at our
> company to provide a place to discuss the experience.  
> There is an addition to the instructions that might help others.  When
> you click on the link for how to setup, it tells you to get the page
> from Mark's site, then modify the path, then PWS initializeAll, and
> then SwikiAction setUp:..  That's fine, but it doesn't start the
> server!  We started it by PWS serveOnPort: 80 loggingTo: 'Squeak.log'.
> Assuming that's correct (it does seem to work), that final, critical
> step should be added to the instructions.
> Larry
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