Squeak outline on the Web, STP12/2.2 released

Stephen Travis Pope stp at create.ucsb.edu
Fri Oct 9 02:08:25 UTC 1998

Hello all,

1) I've posted an html version of the Squeak 2.2 outline. (This is the text that
used to be in all those little text windows in the image.) Have a look at,


Note that this is just the first pass; I hope to be able to do a better job of
representing Smalltalk texts as HTML in a couple of days. The step after that
will be to put a Smalltalk execution server on-line so that web-links can

I've also put the Siren 2.2 outline up in the same format at the URL


This is a good introduction to Siren with lots of description and code examples.

2) I've ported the STP12 goodies collection to Squeak 2.2 and up-loaded the full
sources (as BinHexed StuffIt and gzipped tar files) to the FTP site


I'll put the pre-built images up there as soon as I can copy them off of my Mac
(I can't connect to the net from where I am; I'll do it over the week-end.)

There's also a Web page describing the STP12 goodies (and showing off pretty
screen dumps of the new apps) in the page,


Known bug: there's some screwy line-wrapping in the outline pages--I'm looking
into this bug.




_ Stephen Travis Pope
_ Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE)
_ Dept. of Music, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
_ stp at create.ucsb.edu,  http://www.create.ucsb.edu/~stp/

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