getting my whiskers wet

Lyn A Headley laheadle at
Mon Oct 26 02:46:13 UTC 1998


I've just started with squeak and I must say I'm quite impressed with
the system.  I have a couple of questions, though, so I hope people
won't mind if I fire away.

Is there a way to ask a browser to display all method names (across
all classes) which contain a certain substring?  sort of like the "find
class" option, but for methods.  Maybe I'll take this on as my first
project if it hasn't been done yet.

What's the scoop on exception handling?  Is there any?  I've seen a
few vague comments about wishing for a unified mechanism, could
someone shed some light on that?

How do I declare a local variable at the beginning of a block?  I
thought this looked fine, but squeak complained:
a := [ | b | b := 0. [b < 10000] whileTrue: [ b := b + 1 ] ]

last one: are people satisfied with the representation of the
namespace for primitives as a flat array?  Coming from a Python
background, I really appreciate the benefits of a modular C-extension
mechanism, and I was just wondering if the team had any plans to head
in such a direction...


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