Squeak 2.2 Sound and MIDI Features

Jim Menard jimm at io.com
Mon Oct 5 16:13:55 UTC 1998

I'm excited about Squeak's new musical features. This is great news.

> We're going to keep working to improve Squeak's sound synthesis. In
> particular, we hope to find a better compromise between memory space
> and quality, either by finding ways to get good quality sound with shorter
> sample loops or by using the FM algorithm on wavetables taken from
> sampled sounds.

How about doing what the Roland D-50 introduced commercially (I've
forgotten the correct name): play a sample at the beginning of a note then
use a simpler, repetitive waveform for the rest of the note. It's the
complex wave in the first 100 to 300 ms that the ear uses to identify the

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