Corel NetWinder is good for Squeak

Markus Kohler markus_kohler at
Tue Oct 20 12:27:48 UTC 1998

Tim Rowledge wrote:
> Just as an FYI for those of you that might have been looking for a small cheap
> linux machine, it turns out that the Corel NetWinder (http://www.corelcomputer.
> com) runs squeak rather nicely. Now that the ARMLinux/Itsy stuff is in the
> normal build files etc it took very little more than setting the include paths
> properly and typing 'make' to get it working.
> Performance is promising at 12+m bytecodes/sec and 600k sends/sec according to
> Integer>benchmark and benchFib. Not bad for $800!

That's really cool. It's running Squeak as fast as a multi-thousand
dollar HP-UX C240 workstation !

Another cool squeak computer based on a 190Mhz ARM processor could be
HP's new Jornada 820 
Handheld PC running Windows CE. 


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