Seeking MIDI Keyboard for Squeak BoF

johnm at johnm at
Mon Oct 19 14:27:40 UTC 1998

If any of you who is coming to OOPSLA happens to be bringing any
sort of MIDI controller--keyboard, guitar controller, wind controller, etc.--
and if you are coming the the Squeak BoF ("Birds of a Feather") on Tuesday
at 7:30, you are invited to bring your MIDI controller along. If one of these
devices appears, I could demonstrate Squeak's new MIDI input capabilities.

My only MIDI keyboard is an 88-key, weighted-action electronic piano.
It takes two peope to move it and it definitely does NOT fit in the overhead
bins of the airplane...

I will be bring a MIDI tone generator to demo Squeak's MIDI output capabilities.

	-- John

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