Parser>initPattern:notifying:return: bug?

Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Tue Oct 6 00:28:30 UTC 1998

Whilst filing in some code I got a weird little bug.

a) somehow the parser decided that the organization string in the file was
wrong (odd, since it was freshly generated by filing out a changeset)

b) in the process of trying to tell me that 'Nothing more expected', we wnet
through SyntaxError class>errorInClass:withCode:  which eventually gets t
Parser>initPattern:notifying:return: where the instvar 'encoder' is set to
'self' ie the parser.  After going via Parser>pattern:inContext:, we come to
Parser>notify:at: where #classEncoding is sent to 'encoder'. Since only Encoder
understands this message, we get a dNU: notifier.

I'm not at all sure at the moment why a) went wrong in the first place, but b)
seems a pretty obvious bug. You can't go setting an instvar to some object that
doesn't understand a message you're about to send to it....


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