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Fri Oct 9 05:27:31 UTC 1998

"Michael S. Klein" wrote:

> So, have multiple image formats/VM implementations.
> One for space... one for speed.

Oh, go ahead take it a bit farther. Abstract the object
creation/mutation/collection into a dll that the core execution engine loaded and
used. I think that Dan and Co. did an excellent job on the current Squeak GC, but I
would love to see memory management be an area where people would want to use
Squeak as a research tool. Then you could do the above... but you could also play
with heady topics like distributed GC, or multi thread/process savvy GC, or real
specific GC schemes for real specific embedded apps. I remember someone (I want to
say Paul Wilson of UTex) at last years OOPSLA BOF session bragged that they had
some really efficient non-moving collectors (ideal for native API callouts), and
wondered if the Squeak community were going to play with it. I certainly would love
to. I'm beginning to understand how that Keaton character got suckered into cloning
himself in the movie Multiplicity. :)

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