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Dwight Hughes dwighth at
Fri Oct 9 20:20:28 UTC 1998

David Stes wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Oct 1998, Steve Dekorte wrote:
> > 
> > I've had the same experience and also refuse to do DO with languages that don't
> > support forwarding. Likewise, I wouldn't consider writing a visual programming
> > environment in a class based language.
> This happens to be a list about a class based language !

I think he is referring to ADT (Abstract Data Type) based languages
where the various ADT definitions and their related functions are called
classes (no relation to Squeak/Smalltalk classes as objects). ADTs are a
way to avoid the advantages of using actual objects and general
polymorphism while retaining most of the inflexibility and complexity of
"standard" procedural languages <I would grin but it's not really a

-- Dwight

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