Does Squeak include a generic node class?

Jerome Garcia Jerome.Garcia at
Thu Oct 22 17:51:28 UTC 1998

     Although I must classify myself as a Squeak newbie, I do feel that 
     that this would be the correct approach since Behavior appears to be 
     just a specialized kind of node.
     Jerome E. Garcia
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Subject: Re: Does Squeak include a generic node class? 
Author:  Craig Latta <Craig.Latta at NetJam.ORG> at INTERNET
Date:    10/17/98 10:36 AM

        John Maloney writes:
> It doesn't have one, but it's so easy to write one that it doesn't 
> seem necessary to include one in the image.
        Hmm, perhaps Behavior should be a subclass of Node? :)
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