subsumption project

Dwight Hughes dwighth at
Wed Oct 28 19:35:33 UTC 1998

Dave Astels wrote:
> Since these FSAs are low level and plentiful it can be difficult
> describing a large, more complex system using them.  Brooks
> developed the Behavor Language to provide a higher level, more
> programmer friendly way to describe subsumptive systems.  This was
> implemented in LISP, and used a subset of LISP syntax.
> My project is to develop a subsumption VM and development environment.
> Originally I was planning to do this using VWNC for the development
> tools and simulated VM, resorting to handcrafted C for the target VM.
> Since discovering Squeak, I've decided to do the whole thing in
> Smalltalk, using the CTranslator to generate the embeddable VM.

Are you planning on keeping Brooks' exact same Behavior Language LISPy
syntax and implementation or do you plan to create a new Smalltalk-based
Behavior Language? If you were to create a SVM that ran a subset of
Squeak, this could be a very exciting thing for a lot of folks (not so
much the subsumption architecture per se but the frameworks and
mechanisms for generating the embeddable VM).

-- Dwight

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