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Dave Astels astels at
Wed Oct 28 22:04:14 UTC 1998

Jerome Garcia wrote:
>      > My job these days involves working on an embedded Java project in a
>      VxWorks environment (see ... has there been any
>      work towards a headless, embedded real-time Squeak?  This is another
>      project that would be interesting to pursue.
>      >
>      Does your planning also include formalization of a "Smalltalkish"
>      mechanism for communication and syncronization between various
>      headless embedded images on distributed hardware? 

The project I am currently working on (the subsumption VM) won't involve
an embedded "image".

>      Also, have you given any thought to the development of automatic
>      generation of simulators for embedded software? ... It can sometimes be a bit of a
>      pain to develop simulators and they tend to get out of date if not
>      constantly watched.

No I haven't.  It certainly is a problem. We've had to keep on top of
that in my project at work.


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