Structure of objects and execution

Steve Dekorte steve at
Wed Oct 28 01:21:15 UTC 1998

"Michael S. Klein" <mklein at> wrote:
> > The other great thing about structured representations is they allow 
> for lively
> > interaction. Imagine dragging and droping elements of an equation 
> around and the
> > UI only allowing valid operations. Kids could learn about the dynamics 
> of equations
> > by treating the thing like a physical puzzle. Likewise imagine 
> trigometric equations
> > being displayed in a structured interactive geometric form. Kids could 
> learn about
> > complex trigometric relationships without algebra...
> You don't have to imagine it.  Go look at GraphingCalculator on the Mac.
> (It's a desk accessory)

I haven't see it, but I talked to someone who had. It's just a graphing calculator
that takes equations as input, right?


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