Thoughts for development from a lurker (fwd)

Gerardo Richarte gera at
Thu Oct 8 23:14:17 UTC 1998

Alan Kay said:
> At 4:59 AM -0000 10/8/98, Mark Wai wrote:
> -- snip --
> >As a side note, I would have to say that Squeak is not only good for
> >learning Smalltalk/OO but a good live document for computer science in
> >general.  I think Squeak would be an ideal environment to teach, demo,
> >explore and even change/extend for any computer science class ranging from
> >graphics, compiler, electronic music, internet programming, networking, ....
> This, in a nutshell, is one of our main nearterm goals -- especially (a) a
> "total" environment, and (b) "a good live document for computer science in
> general".
> All on the Squeak list, please think about helping this along over the next
> year.

	There is a Math course at Buenos Aires University that is using
Squeak as blackboard... Do you want to see it? Take a look at There you'll find some BookMorphs,
examples, and some work done by pupils on last year. Leandro Caniglia is
the professor and you can reach him through this list.
Leandro: I'm sorry, but I couldn't keep my mouth closed...

	Talkative Bye!

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