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Alan Kay alank at
Sat Oct 10 19:51:48 UTC 1998

Dan --

There are many ideas in REBOL that I like -- and many of these could
provide some clues for what the intermediate scripting in Squeak might be
like. Note how much of REBOL resembles LOGO and BOXER. I think the
functional, data, and object aspects of REBOL could be integrated quite a
bit better ...




At 6:59 PM -0000 10/10/98, Dan Shafer wrote:
>Alan Kay wrote:
>> Folks --
>> Just a gentle reminder that I took some pains at the last OOPSLA to try to
>> remind everyone that Smalltalk is not only NOT its syntax or the class
>> library, it is not even about classes. I'm sorry that I long ago coined the
>> term "objects" for this topic because it gets many people to focus on the
>> lesser idea.
>> The big idea is "messaging" -- that is what the kernal of Smalltalk/Squeak
>> is all about (and it's something that was never quite completed in our
>> Xerox PARC phase).
>Messaging has always seemed to me to be the heart and soul of not only
>Smalltalk but objects in the broader sense.
>To that end, has anyone else here looked at REBOL
>(, a new Net-specific scripting language with
>objects including Net-native data types like URLs and email addresses?
>It's not ready for prime time IMNSHO, but it points in some potentially
>very interesting directions.
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