help needed attributing a quote

Alan Kay alank at
Fri Oct 23 10:42:06 UTC 1998

 Helge --

I'm pretty sure that I didn't say this -- but it does sound like something
that Dan Ingalls wrote ... Have you looked at his POPL 78 article about
Smalltalk 76 ?




At 9:45 PM -0000 10/22/98, Helge Horch wrote:
>Hi all,
>a friend of mine intends to use one of my favourite quotes for a paper:
>"Programming with objects is like working with trained animals,
> instead of pushing around data with a broom."
>Since I was the one who mentioned it to him, my friend now demands a clear
>attribution. 8-)
>I *think* it was Alan Kay, and I *had* thought it was somewhere in either
>the 1981 BYTE, the Dynabook papers, Green Book, ThingLab paper, etc. I have
>now leaved through many pages - I can't find it.
>So: Is the quote accurate? Alan's? Dan's? (Too bad you're all at OOPSLA
>now...) Where might I have read it?
>Desperately yours,
>P.S. This is for a Forth paper. Curiously, while not being a new concept
>for the Forth community, OOP (OOF) is constantly rediscovered.

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