Thoughts for development from a lurker

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Wed Oct 7 15:59:26 UTC 1998

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>Joerg Brunsmann <Joerg.Brunsmann at> wrote:
>> Yes! Yes! Yes! Native widgets! Yes, go for it!
>> Sorry got carried away there ;-)
>> P.S.: I vote for QT or even better KDE.
>> Cheers,
>> Jörg

> I second that vote...the Qt libraries exist for UNIX and Windoze, making
> things quite a bit more portable.
Not really. The Qt libs are free only for Unix. For windoze and the other
you have to
pay a fat sum (1,990$, check at ).
To go really multiplatform I think wxWindow. There are already wrappers for
Qt and GTK
that work with wxWindows and there is stable support Windows, Motif, Xt (and
some other maybe). The problem may eventually arise from their licence which
(if I remember correctly) is free for non-commercial use.

> Plus they are a LOT nicer than Motif.
> is nice too, but it isn't cross platform (yet).
> (Although using Qt really won't make the Open Source types very
> KDE is a wonderful environment!)
Very probably the free licence of Qt for unix/linux will not be restricted
in the future
and there is already the KDE Qt free foundation
wich is there to prevent that the licence will change in worst (relatively
to KDE, but very likely also to Qt-Squeak) in case that something unexpected
happens (TrollTech's bankrupt,...)

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