Squeak Sound vs. G3 Powerbooks + Kensington Mouseworks

Mark Guzdial guzdial at cc.gatech.edu
Mon Oct 12 13:33:49 UTC 1998

I've been having a weird problem on my G3 Powerbook that sound playback in
Squeak was significantly WORSE than on any other machine I use.  On a
variety of MIDI files and even on "AbstractSound stereoBachFugue play," I
was treated to a medley of clicks and distortions.

While trying to debug it yet again yesterday, I happened to hit my
Kensington Orbit trackball while it was playing -- and POOF! the distortion
disappeared.  I found that as long as I moved the trackball, sound playback
was fine!  I then restarted without the Kensington Mouseworks software, and
sound is great again in Squeak.

I guess that the MouseWorks software must gobble CPU cycles when the mouse
is idle, and that's what was ruining sound playback.  FYI.


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