Squeak Sound vs. G3 Powerbooks + Kensington Mouseworks

Alan Kay alank at wdi.disney.com
Mon Oct 12 14:04:41 UTC 1998

Mark --

It's very likely that you have processor cycling on (to save battery
drain). Go to your Energy Saver control panel and turn it off for both
battery and power supply. Things should then work fine.




At 1:33 PM -0000 10/12/98, Mark Guzdial wrote:
>I've been having a weird problem on my G3 Powerbook that sound playback in
>Squeak was significantly WORSE than on any other machine I use.  On a
>variety of MIDI files and even on "AbstractSound stereoBachFugue play," I
>was treated to a medley of clicks and distortions.
>While trying to debug it yet again yesterday, I happened to hit my
>Kensington Orbit trackball while it was playing -- and POOF! the distortion
>disappeared.  I found that as long as I moved the trackball, sound playback
>was fine!  I then restarted without the Kensington Mouseworks software, and
>sound is great again in Squeak.
>I guess that the MouseWorks software must gobble CPU cycles when the mouse
>is idle, and that's what was ruining sound playback.  FYI.
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