One last VM question.

Kevin Fisher kfisher at
Tue Oct 6 13:23:33 UTC 1998

Ok, I promise this is the last time I ask about generating a new VM...

I'm just trying to hammer this the following correct:
If I want the new 2.2 VM I need to start the 2.1 VM with the 2.2
images, then generate a new interp.c, and recompile interp.c in the
original Squeak VM source tree.

Not that the 2.1 VM is giving me any trouble, but I'd just like to
give it a try with the latest.

Incidentally, I've been toying with extending the Socket class to add
Mobitex wireless network support.  I recently came across some really great
Mobitex drivers for Linux and I'm planning on making a mini paging
dispatcher for my MIS group (to page us on Mobitex when something on our 
internal network goes down via Big Brother, another great free UNIX 
notification system.)  I'd love to write the dispatcher in 
Smalltalk/Squeak...I wouldn't need to introduce a new Squeak primitive, 
either.  The Linux driver is just a kernel module that extends the AF_INET 
family to include a new class, SOCK_PACKET.  It should behave very similar to 
a UDP socket.  Is this kind of extension to the Socket class of interest to 
anyone else?  Sadly the extension would be highly Linux-specific...the driver 
is very clean in extending AF_INET but I'm pretty sure that other non-Linux 
Mobitex SDK's do it differently (the Windows SDK's I've seen certainly do).  I 
was looking at the sqUnixNetwork.c file and extending the existing primitive 
should be almost trivial, however.  (Hence my need to regenerate the VM!)

For the curious, the Mobitex-Linux drivers are at
Big Brother can be found at:
(we're using this system extensively--I highly recommend it!)

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