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Wed Oct 7 17:17:48 UTC 1998

Kevin Fisher wrote:

> Marko Mikulicic <mmikulicic at>:
> >
> > > I second that vote...the Qt libraries exist for UNIX and Windoze,
> > making
> > > things quite a bit more portable.
> > Not really. The Qt libs are free only for Unix. For windoze and the
> > other
> > you have to
> > pay a fat sum (1,990$, check at ).
> > To go really multiplatform I think wxWindow. There are already wrappers
> > for
> > Qt and GTK
> > that work with wxWindows and there is stable support Windows, Motif, Xt
> > (and
> > some other maybe). The problem may eventually arise from their licence
> > which
> > (if I remember correctly) is free for non-commercial use.
> are correct, I forgot about the fee for the windows Qt
> libraries...what a strange way of doing things, isn't it?  The same library is
> free on UNIX, but costs $$$ under Windows.

I consider it vaguely amusing and ironic. Years ago, everything cost more for Unix
flavors than it did for the Windows versions. Now the table's turned. :)

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