Jerry Jackson jrj at
Fri Oct 30 00:10:17 UTC 1998


I'm a squeak/Smalltalk novice but I've spent a number of years with
various other environments: Interlisp-D, LispWorks, etc.  Unfortunately,
I have to
admit to being extremely puzzled by the squeak debugger!

After inserting a "self halt" into a method and getting into the
I'm not sure what "step" and "send" are supposed to do.  When I
click on "step", nothing happens visually for a while and then finally
current position leaps forward.  It's as if I'm stepping through an
inner method
that isn't being displayed then, when it finishes, I leap ahead to some
point in the current method.  "send" is also mysterious though it
_seems_ to be
more like what I expect "step" to do.  It appears to descend into
another method.

I don't have the Smalltalk-80 book that describes the interactive
programming environment. 
Can anyone clue me in as to what's going on?

Thanks very much,

Jerry Jackson

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