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Dan Ingalls wrote:

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> It takes less than a page of Squeak to establish a reasonable protocol-based dialect in Squeak (starting with prototypes, cloning, inst-specific behavior and no metclasses).  Nothing is preventing anyone from doing this.  And it would make a much more concrete discussion (as David Stes points out) to examine the actual results achieved.

Dan, my first thought when I read the above was "no way!" But then I recollected that you had once told Alan "no way!" to a computer language described on one page... look where THAT got us!

Nevertheless, what you describe above (prototype dialect in one page of Squeak) still seems a little hard to believe for someone like myself (and I would imagine many others on the list). It seems like an introductory forray into the above would be an ideal thing for the OOPSLA BOF session, led by yourself. :) Kind of like when Linus Torvalds gets up at a LUG and discusses some of the design issues of an SMP linux kernel.

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