scrollbars - a one-liner

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Sun Oct 18 16:02:24 UTC 1998

>	I often find it very useful to have a persistent visual cue of the ratio of visible to occluded material. I think it's annoying to have to touch the computer just to find out where I am in a widget's content. Having scrollbars at all is an implicit admission that there will occasionally be more content in a widget than is visible. A persistent ratio cue therefore seems to me like the Right Thing. And it need not be part of the scrollbars, although that's my preference.
>	All of which is to say... I hate those flop-out scrollbars. ;)

Gee, Craig -- Didn't you know?

Morphic ScrollPanes are parameterized regarding whether the scrollbars should be retractable and on what side they should appear. (*)  Simply change the first line of ScrollPane initialize to...

	retractableScrollBar := scrollBarOnLeft := false.

and all subsequently opened windows will be cluttered with scrollbars on the wrong side of every pane.  Just kidding.

	- Dan

(*) PS: This was the point of Play With Me - 1 (maybe I should have called it "Ignore Me - 1" ;-).
If you get the morph menu for the pluggableListViews (ctrl-click), you'll see that you can actually change retractability and which side the scrollbar appears on, for the lists that are already instantiated.

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