[squeak] Pretty Formatter.

John (Zhijiang) Han zhan1 at uiuc.edu
Tue Oct 20 15:41:19 UTC 1998

Oh ye sorry it should reads temporary variables -:) <sigh> But anyway. 
Source file never gets changed right?  I mean those temporary variables in
my own methods get lost.  

-- John (Zhijiang)

On Tue, 20 Oct 1998, Ivan Brusic wrote:

> I assuming template varibles are variables within methods.
> It appears that you are running Squeak without the sources files,
> SqueakV2.sources.  The sources files contains all the variables names
> inside the methods.
> When you start up Squeak, do you get an error message?v  Squeak will allow
> you to continue working, but you will encounter the problem of missing
> variable names.
> I will also encourage the pratice of saving the image under different
> names, from time to time, in case the image becomes corrupted.  I speak
> from experience!
> Ivan

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