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Alan Kay alank at
Thu Oct 8 12:39:22 UTC 1998

Thanks Mark --

At 4:59 AM -0000 10/8/98, Mark Wai wrote:
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>As a side note, I would have to say that Squeak is not only good for
>learning Smalltalk/OO but a good live document for computer science in
>general.  I think Squeak would be an ideal environment to teach, demo,
>explore and even change/extend for any computer science class ranging from
>graphics, compiler, electronic music, internet programming, networking, ....
>and you name it.. and I won't be surprise that one day when I open my Squeak
>image,  I don't ever need to open up any applications (e.g. Word, netscape,
>Eudora) since I can do all these from within Squeak.

This, in a nutshell, is one of our main nearterm goals -- especially (a) a
"total" environment, and (b) "a good live document for computer science in

All on the Squeak list, please think about helping this along over the next



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