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On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Stephen Travis Pope wrote:

> Brian Klump wrote:
> > I don't know enough about the "guts" of Squeak to even consider
> > starting a project such as this, but on the topic of cross platform
> > GUIs has anyone looked into Fltk at all?  (
> > Just some more fuel for the fire....
> This looks quite interesting, but is not that portable (i.e., no Mac support).

FLTK was discussed on comp.lang.python : one of my impressions was
that the goal was to produce small statically linked executables,
without pulling in lots of code from linkages between different
packages -- i.e. if you only use a handful of widgets, the size
of your executables shouldn't explode from dragging in lots of 
hidden support code -- a "flat" library (Fast *Light* ToolKit).  
This doesn't produce as much of a payoff for dynamic languages like 
Python or Smalltalk, where you want all of the library to be available 
from the workspace. 

I would prefer to see Squeak stay on the leading edge. 
The only portable GUI toolkits that really impressed me as trying
to do something new and different were Amulet and Fresco. 
Fresco seems to be dead. Amulet is alive, but it's not any more
native look and feel than squeak. It looks like if you want 
innovative, you've got to give up either portability or native
L&F. ( Maybe Java's SWING+AWT+2D+3D will eventually deliver it's
promise, but that's still years and $$$ in the future. ) 

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