bugs (a suggestion)

Hans-Martin Mosner hm.mosner at cityweb.de
Thu Oct 29 17:16:18 UTC 1998

Ryan Davis wrote:
> I love the update feature... Tre Cool. One more very nice feature would be
> a bug reporting mechanism... I'm less concerned about having nice forms as
> I am having a quick and easy way to pop something up, fill out necessary
> info, possibly grab some diag info automatically, and email it off... It
> would help us all if this existed...

Yes, that would be very nice.
> P.S. I seem to have frozen in mid-update. Can't tell you which filestream
> as they don't have names or numbers...

Squeak was recompiling the ObjectMemory hierarchy due to a changed class
definition. There are a lot of methods to compile, so this takes a fair
amount of time without indicating any progress (because progress is
measured by the position of the stream being filed in).

Seasoned Smalltalker's Hint #43:
If it's taking longer than expected, hit Alt-. (or whatever your user
interrupt key is) to see what it does. Chances are good that you catch
it doing some very stupid things. Of course, sometimes it does very cool
things which just take a while.


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