Thoughts for development from a lurker

Ken G. Brown kbrown at
Wed Oct 7 21:45:04 UTC 1998

>So if it was a mistake for Computervision to tie their software
>too tightly to a specific (in this case their own) hardware platform,
>would it also be a mistake to tie Squeak to particular platform UIs?

I believe so, even Squeak's own UI. To me this is most important for the
end user tho, rather than the developer, which can be the same sometimes.
Personally, I would like Squeak to look exactly like the Mac UI, others I'm
sure have different preferences. How to best accomplish this a good
question I do not really have the answer to. Certainly, you would not want
to be limited to the lowest common denominator feature set. Perhaps the
Squeak UI has advantages that are difficult to port to other UI look and

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